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Precise, Pain-Free Waxing Available at our Mercer Island Salon

Keep unwanted hair under control with regular waxing at our Mercer Island Salon. The estheticians at Christine Face and Body use only premium, natural wax and are committed to safe, sanitary procedures. Since our wax is professional grade and contains anti-irritants, it is approved for sensitive skin. In addition, because it also heats at a low temperature, this combination of features eliminates the possibility of burns or pain, leaving you with a comfortable experience and results. During waxing, we ensure the cleanest, most sanitary wax application by never double dipping.

Waxing is an effective way of quickly removing hair while leaving a smooth, clean appearance. For best results, we recommend allowing hair to grow to a minimum of ¼ inch, but preferably closer to ½ inch. Longer hair allows for better results as wax will remove more hair. If hair is too short, some will be left behind and it will grow back sooner. Christine Face and Body recommends women’s and men’s waxing services at our Mercer Island Salon every 4-6 weeks for longer-lasting results. Following one application, hair will likely grow back in as little as one week; with regular applications, you will see better results and be happier with your wax.

Christine Face and Body offers a wide array of waxing services ranging from small areas such as lips, chin, nose, patches, and bikini areas to partial or full arm and leg waxing. Waxing prices are competitive with Mercer Island Salons providing comparable services.

Waxing Mercer Island Pricing

Waxing Price:
Side Burns/Cheek/Nose/Patches $11
Lip/Chin $17
Brow Shaping $25
Forearm $25
Underarm $30
Full Arm $42
Lower Leg $47
Upper Leg $47
Full Leg $81
Bikini Wax $46
Extended Bikini $56
Maintenance/Partial Brazilian $81
Full Brazilian $95

Joy D.

I LOVED my treatment with Christine and her staff.  I got what is called “THE WORKS” and with it I was completely pampered with a facial, leg wax, massage, lash tint and semi permanent mascara application.  At one point I had 3 people working on me at once.  I’ve never experienced anything like it, I felt like a princess. Christine’s space is beautiful and serene and my face glowed for days after my treatments.  Thank you!

Christine Face and Body
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